Return of the Gentleman

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Dr. Dain Heer
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Can a man be honorable, kind, and caring as well as potent? For over a decade, Dr. Dain Heer, internationally renowned author, speaker, and co-creator of Access Consciousness, has been providing resources to deal with these issues. Now, in this uniquely conversational and interactive work, he empowers men (and women who want to under-stand what the men in their lives may be facing) to answer the questions at the heart of this challenge. First and foremost, says Dr. Heer, "being a true gentleman is about being the greatest you can be as a man-whatever that looks like for you," and his book is full of tools and strategies to help you get there. With his trademark honesty, playful curiosity, and humor, he offers compelling insights and powerful, transformative questions that will help you open up to new possibilities. You'll explore how you may be cutting off parts of yourself to fit into the boxes of others' expectations-and an effective tool to let go of toxic beliefs, clearing the way for new, authentic experiences in your life. You'll discover the myths and ingrained patterns that can ruin your chances for a fulfilling relationship and how to build nurturing connections with both the men and women in your life (as well as with the man in the mirror). And finally, you'll learn keys for honoring others without losing yourself and for inspiring the next generation with the three gifts a gentleman can give to the children in his life. Today gender relations are at a crossroads. While there are many valuable conversations supporting women through this journey, our culture is also facing a masculinity crisis as we redefine views about manhood and what it means to be a gentleman.

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