History of Australian Bushranging

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Charles White
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History of Australian Bushranging: Illustrated by Charles White. Classic account of Australian bushranging recounts in vivid detail, the deeds of the early bush bandits. Attracted by the fast, free life, these native born Australians plundered the gold escorts and crowded coaches, fighting it out with the police - heroes in the eyes of the public they robbed. The early history of bushranging in Australia will never be written, for the facts have never been recorded. Limited though the colony was in extent, its literature-even its journalism-was still more limited. Moreover, the first men who "took the bush" were neither important nor interesting enough to obtain more than a passing mention in those Governors' despatches which are our chief authorities for early colonial history. The name, being applied to men who, some from choice and some from necessity, ranged the bush as freebooters, "sticking-up" settlers and travellers and demanding in orthodox style "your money or your life."

History of Australian Bushranging Volume 1 (Australian Classics) Charles White . Published by Seal Book (1995) Used.

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