That Dangerous and Persuasive Woman

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Janette M. Bomford
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This is the first biography of Vida Goldstein, one of Australia's remarkable women and one of the heroes of first-wave feminism. Although best remembered for her five nominations for Parliament, Vida's story is properly that of women's fight for the suffrage. From her work in this country and overseas she gained an international reputation as a suffragist. Brought up by enlightened parents to think for herself and to be concerned for the poor and helpless, Vida also campaigned with great energy for equal pay, children's courts, and reform of the marriage and divorce laws. During World War I she was a prominent pacifist, bravely facing verbal abuse and physical threats. A warm, caring and intelligent woman, she was loved by many and respected even by her opponents. She confounded public expectations about feminists by her mixture of femininity and strength of mind.

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