Dragon Betrothed

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Amelia Jade
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"Are you nuts?!" It's not quite what dragon shifter Stoen expected to hear when he popped the biggest question of his life, but perhaps he should have waited until after the third date? With the woman he knows is his mate standing right in front of him, how is he supposed to resist? Fate has brought them together; why should he waste any time? She's short, curvy in all the right places, intelligent...and a private investigator? Rose Pridham stumbled onto something big, and she's been on the run ever since. Now her instincts are telling her she's trapped. Out of options, she calls the last person she wants to see again, and also the only person who might be able to help. If he isn't completely insane. Her life as a P.I. has prepared her for a lot of things, but not the romantic intentions of a powerful dragon shifter who wants to claim her as his own. The instant he arrives she can tell things are different than before. It's been six months, but the sight of him still has her heart racing. Or was that just the adrenaline flowing after a narrow escape from their enemies? Stoen might have spirited her away to safety, but Rose still has her guard up around him. When her enemies make it personal, however, Stoen shows his true colors and how he'll do anything for her, no matter the cost to himself. All that remains to be seen is if that's enough...

If the City Elf is male, Soris will offer his help in getting the women back. If the City Elf is female, she will be taken along with the other women, and as she is about to ... She patted the dragon's nose, sending her away, and picked up the saddle.

When she meets a drop dead gorgeous man at her work, then literally runs into him again, she never expects that he is her betrothed. But the Devourer is making moves again and when Sophie runs, this time she has some unexpected help.