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Keats, Louise Fulton
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Bring the whole family together for deliciously healthy meals with Something for Everyone. Louise Fulton Keats provides simple solutions for family meal times, from starting babies on solid foods and managing fussy toddlers, to broadening your family's culinary horizons and avoiding having to cook two dinners every night.Each recipe contains nutritional advice to help you cater to the needs of every member of your family. Accompanied with beautiful photography throughout, Something for Everyone gives you all you need to instil a love of good food and healthy eating in your household.

Enjoy the choice, the open spaces, and the amenities at your doorstep. Hal Prince's Something For Everyone is perhaps one of the most looked over American classics of the 70's. The blackest of comedies the title might, if taken literally, be misleading since it is, obviously NOT for everyone. A charismatic and ambitious young man from the country, Konrad Ludwig (Michael York), finds employment as the butler at the home of Countess Herthe von Ornstein (Angela Lansbury).

In post-war Austria, young, handsome country lad, Konrad Ludwig (Michael York), charms his way into a butler position at the castle of the widowed (and destitute) countess von Ornstein (Angela Lansbury). Soon, the young man's running the entire household - and the bedrooms, as well. Something for Everyone is a 1970 American black comedy film starring Angela Lansbury, Michael York, Anthony Higgins, and Jane Carr.