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RJ Scott
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What happens when a broken man has to trust in the impossible? Chapter One is an antique book shop and is the last tangible thing Josh and his mom have left of his dad. Nestled in a quiet square a few steps from London's St Pauls Cathedral, it is boarded up with whitewashed windows and no new stock. The place is a sad reminder of loss and it has to go, but destroying a business that has been in his family for generations is not a role Josh is looking forward to. Michael is the owner of Arts Desire, the shop next door. With his rainbow pride mugs and his sunny positive outlook he is the complete opposite to what Joshua thinks he needs in his life. But, when Josh and Michael become friends, Josh learns that finding true love starts with making big decisions, and that everyone deserves their own Christmas miracle sometimes.

The fact it takes place in a quaint little antique bookstore and contains a supernatural element are part of its charm, and wonderful additions to a story full of mystery and deep emotions. Angel holding book | Etsy Angel gifts, angel figurines, angel jewelry; inspirational and ... Angel Library is one of the reliable Book store in Nilkhet.

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