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Jill Winch
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What could be more satisfying than producing a beautiful painting of a flower? Jill Winch is an award-winning botanical artist and has been teaching people to paint and draw flowers for many years. In this delightful book, she teaches the key skills for making successful paintings of flowers in watercolor, the medium of choice for botanical artists. She breaks the process down into manageable steps, taking examples from a wide range of flowers. Throughout the book, Jill's own beautiful paintings provide inspiration and guidance.

You will find a wide variety of blooms, colours and styles - oil paintings and acrylic paintings. Do you like these flower paintings? Please share with your friends! LANDSCAPE PAINTING | CITYSCAPE | SEASCAPE | PORTRAITS| ANIMAL ART | PAINTINGS OF BRISBANE | STILL LIFE | FLOWER PAINTINGS | EUROPE "COMING UP ROSES" by Anne ... How to paint flowers in oils, realistically, step by step.

Using a darker shade of green, paint curved lines of medium thickness among the grass. These lines will become your flowers' stems, so make as many lines as you want flowers.