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Catherine A. Wood
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Accepting ourselves requires less work, less achieving and less doing than one might think. The path to greater happiness, greater contentment, and greater self-love is the basis for Catherine A. Wood's debut book, Belonging: Overcome Your Inner Critic and Reclaim Your Joy. Believingthat we are unique in our thoughts of unhappiness or dissatisfaction is one of the greatest barriers to the change that will result in experiencing belonging. This book appeals to readers who may ask:When will I be enough? How do I overcome feeling like an imposter? How can I fall in love with myself? What would it be like to feel a deep sense of joy and contentment with myself and my life?Through stories and practical exercises, Belonging shares Wood's journey and process, and shows us how to reclaim both our experience of happiness and sense of belonging in the world. This book is for fans of Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, and Brene Brown. Belonging is your invitation to experience a personal transformation, become more self-aware, and gain a sense of satisfaction and contentment with your experience of your life.

It represents a connection with people or place. In a sea of uncertainty, employees feeling like they belong is the one anchor that can strengthen your organization. Belonging: Stories of Australian Art reveals different stories and connections between art, people and Country in its presentation of visual art and culture in Australia before 1900.

belongings Personal items that one owns; possessions. Belonging definition, something that belongs. See more.