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Gerrit Vyn
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Photography: Birds explains how to photograph birds--whether in your backyard or at a birding destination--detailing unique issues that confront photographers of all levels and providing the best guidance for capturing the beauty and splendor of our feathered friends. Gerrit Vyn, an award-winning bird photographer, videographer, and sound recorder, has become renowned for his ability to capture birds, especially for the prestigious Cornell Lab of Ornithology. In this new guide, he reveals his methods and shares how to photograph birds based on location, behavior, identification, and storytelling. Vyn details the range of technical considerations, giving clear instruction and advice, as well as the creative decisions a photographer must make on lighting, framing, timing, and motion. He also discusses situations unique to bird photographers: dealing with habituated or tame birds, approaching feeders, utilizing blinds, and more. Once captured, digital images can be digitally refined, so Vyn delves into the procedures that elevate an image from mundane to striking, using Adobe Lightroom. Throughout, Vyn emphasizes an ethical approach to observing and interacting with the birds around us.

Research the species of bird you'll find in an area Photographing shorebirds and waders was such a learning curve for me. It was so radically different than photographing other bird species.

At other times they might hide away in trees. The closer you get, the higher the chance of the bird disappearing. When you are photographing birds you really need to rely on the ability of your camera to autofocus and do so quickly.