Pleasured by a Lord

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Vanessa Devereaux
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Portia Ward has desired Lord Ian Hornsbee since she was thirteen and saw him making love to three women in one night. Her goal in life was simple. His lordship would be the man who would marry her and take her innocence. When he leaves to fight in the Napoleonic Wars, Portia fears she may never see him again. With her father's failing health, and Lord Rothbury now a suitor, she has little choice but to marry a man she does not love. However, fate, and her husband's growing addiction, intervene and she finally comes face to face with the man of her dreams. Is he all that she ever wanted or does he simply want her in his bed as part of pawn in his game?

Quite literally. His girth made him only pop... In this verse the phrase "LORD God" is written in the Hebrew as; יהוה אלהים, which transliterates as; YHWH Elohiym.The name Yahweh (whose pronunciation is debated) is the name of the God of the Bible.Throughout the Old Testament, the KJV, and most other translations, translate the Hebrew name Yahweh as "LORD," in all upper case, and this is the case in Genesis 2:15. Michael Rutland, Earl of Wainwright is universally known as the Lord of Pleasure, real and imaginary caricatures of his conquests fill the daily scandal sheets fuelled by his wayward past and his shocking good looks.

After assimilating a little more than half of the Pure Yin Qi in his body, he broke through to the 9th stage of Body Tempering Realm and rushed straight to the peak of the 9th stage. Alex instinctively stopped using the rest of the Yin Qi because it would help him later ... The pleasure house that your mother was forced to work at is completely different than this place thanks to Lord Alex.