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In our lives filled with stress and conflict, difficult circumstances and difficult people, peace can be hard to find. But as Brave Girls Club founder Melody Ross encourages us in this wonderful companion to Choose Happy, that makes peace all the more vital for us to seek. Against the beautiful backdrop of her world-famous art, Melody shares her most personal truths on the necessity of digging deep, getting tough, and making the journey to peace.

Women continue to shape the world through their leadership, from leading nations, to stand up for human rights, to run the world's most important organizations. In this current era, there are already so many women figures that are brave enough to step out from their comfort zone and ... Brave Girls Club October 19, 2020 · Men and Beneficial Foods For Men's Health If you are planning to hit the gym or lift the weights in your home, then you will want to know what foods will further help you build up muscles and sculpt your body. Brave Girls Book Club is the book subscription box pulling together diverse stories and powerful protagonists to empower and inspire young girls! Filling the gap of underrepresentation of girls and women in the curriculum, publishing and media; Brave Girls Book Club puts female-led literature in the hands of young readers to inspire them through positive role models, new-found knowledge, and ... Amazing Beauty Gadgets You Can Use At Home.

And in this beautiful, uplifting book of real talk and real truth, Brave Girls Club founder Melody Ross makes a compelling case to make the choice for happiness. Famous worldwide for her gorgeous trademark art, Melody Ross has become just as beloved for her very ... Woman Empowerment 101.