A Tale of Two Beasts

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Fiona Roberton
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There are two sides to every story. A little girl finds a strange beast in the woods and takes it home as a pet. She feeds it, shows it off to her friends and gives it a hat. But that night it escapes. Then the beast tells the story of being kidnapped by the girl, who forcefed it squirrel food, scared it with a group of beasts and wrapped it in wool. Can the two beasts resolve their differences? An eye-opening story that makes you look at things from a different perspective. 'Roberton's premise is as sublime as it is simple, with a subtle message. [...] Totally delightful.' - Kirkus Reviews

Using the puppet, say: Here's a story of how I met a little pig (or whatever animal the puppet is). I was walking along one day, when I came ... A little girl rescues a strange beast in the woods and carries him safely home.

Force-fed squirrel food. Scared by a group of beasts. A Tale of Two Beasts.