Making Research Relevant

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Carrie A. Wachter Morris (Editor), Kelly L. Wester (Editor)
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Making Research Relevant is the ideal core textbook for master's-level introduction to research methods courses in mental health. Accessible and user friendly, it is designed to help trainees and practitioners understand, connect, and apply research to clinical practice and day-to-day work with students and clients. The text covers foundational concepts like research ethics and how to best consume research, as well as 11 applied, evaluative, and outcome-based research methods. Easy-to-read chapters are infused with case examples from diverse settings and paired with brief video lectures, which provide vignettes to guide application and visual components that demonstrate how research methods can benefit mental health practitioners in real-world scenarios.

Submit using the links in the Assessment section on the course home page. Begin a Research Proposal - Start this project by thinking about the work you do everyday.

55-63 The overall purpose of this assignment is to help make research relevant to you. The final product of this assignment is a 5-6 page paper, double- spaced in APA format.