Shaker Oval Boxes Vol.1

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John Wilson
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Shaker Oval Boxes Vol I, A Craftsman's Guide to Original, Derivative and Diverse Forms of the Ova Box, 2014, Home Shop Books. Stunning photos of seventy examples of the beat wood box introduces you to the traditional craft practiced by shaker craftsman and those who follow their example today. This gallery collection is the first book on oval boxes by John Wilson. The second will feature methods and projects including many pictured in Vol I. The third will give history, materials and other oval box traditions. Wilson's first book, Making Wood Tools is now in its 2nd Edition. All feature projects developed and thought at the Home Shop in Charlotte, Michigan.

Regular price $35.00 Sale price $35.00 Sale. Oval Gathering Carrier - Cherry - Maple Swing Handle - No ... Two round boxes, maple and pine, round Shaker pantry boxes; large one depicts an oil painting of a summer landscape with trees and a dirt road leading across a covered bridge, 2 1/4" h, 5 1/2" dia, (ex.

1" By John Wilson. Rediscover a Shaker Classic" Round Open Box - October 2016.