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Bayes theorem is a method used to solve conditional probability, Conditional probability is the probability that an event will happen, provided it has some relationship with one or more other events, for example, the probability of getting a parking space is related to the time of the day you park, where you park, and other things going on at any time Bayes theorem is slightly more accurate, that it gives you the actual probability of an event given information about tests GET YOUR COPY TODAY

For the remainder of the problems only the final solution is given. Example problems .

And event A that overlaps this disjoint partitioned union is the wand. Therefore, all Bayes' Theorem says is, "if the wand is true, what is the probability that one of the suspects is true?" Use of Bayes' Thereom Examples with Detailed Solutions Example 1 below is designed to explain the use of Bayes' theorem and also to interpret the results given by the theorem.