Susan Napier - The Collector's Edition Volume 1 - 5 Book Box Set

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Susan Napier
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The Sister Swap Anne: it was a daring deception, but she always put her family first. Her sister desperately needed some time alone and Anne would at least have the chance to study at college. But there was something –– someone –– she hadn't bargained for.... Hunter Lewis: visiting professor and Anne's very attractive neighbour. He was soon immensely suspicious of her.... However, Hunter's arrogant assumptions about Anne made it easier for her not to let him into her apartment –– or into her heart. For it would be disastrous if Hunter discovered that Anne had been left –– quite literally –– holding the baby! Reckless Conduct Harriet attended the company's New Year's Eve party in all innocence. It wasn't her fault that the punch she'd been drinking was stronger than expected–so that she'd ended up confiding in a gorgeous stranger about her broken engagement. How was she to know she'd been pouring her heart out to the chairman himself, Marcus Fox? Now Harriet has to work with Marcus. Luckily, she's since changed her image, dyed her hair blond and is a model secretary. Unluckily, Marcus still recognises her––and seems determined to punish Harriet for her reckless conduct! A Lesson In Seduction They met at the airport. He wore a suit and carried a briefcase. He seemed quiet, a little shy. Definitely not the type to flirt with a fellow passenger –– even if she was famous actress Rosalind Marlow! His name, Roz discovered, was Luke James. She was determined to discover more about him...such as why he appeared to be following her. And was he as innocent as he seemed? What he really needed was a lesson in flirtation–and, on impulse, Roz decided to be his teacher! Luke was a fast learner. In fact, Roz soon discovered that he didn't need lessons at all. He could teach her plenty about the art of seduction! Mistress Of The Groom Jane had been desperate to stop the wedding. She'd had to prevent her best friend making the biggest mistake of her life...Marrying Ryan Blair! There had been only one solution: to stand up in church and declare that she, Jane Sherwood, respectable businesswoman, was having a secret torrid affair with Ryan! It had worked. The wedding was finished. But now Ryan was determined to make Jane pay for his wrecked marriage–by making her his mistress for real! Honeymoon Baby Jennifer had taken drastic measures to become pregnant, and she was saving every ounce of love she had for her baby. There was no room in her life for marriage –– only now the father of her unborn child had turned up on her doorstep. Jennifer's first problem was that her entire family believed Raphael Jordan was actually her husband –– and that, at last, the happy couple could have a honeymoon! Her second was that Raphael was delighted with the idea –– and suddenly Jennifer found herself sharing a bed with her gorgeous, sexy, pretend husband!

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