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Enhanced for ebook reading and featuring prize winning massage photography and art, this book will teach you to relax your partner in minutes. By the author of the million-seller, The Art of Sensual Massage, Super Massage offers instant results--anywhere and anytime--with easy to learn sequences that provide: Three minute relief from headaches, Three minute relief from neck and shoulder pain, Three minute relief from lower back pain, Four minute relief from insomnia, Five minute after-exercise conditioning, and a ten minute focused--and very powerful--erotic massage Illustrated with hundreds of gorgeous photos and many matching anatomical drawings, this is a book you will return to again and again. Everything works as promised. Inevitable, now that massage has gone mainstream the profession is filled with false promises. A section on how to choose a professional masseur will prove invaluable in separating the cranks from the effective professionals. If you want drug-free relaxation, look no further than Super Massage. Massage therapists will enjoy the notes on massage as a profession with suggestions for enhancing the experience for a wide range of clients.

Jeff W. 07/24/16 SUPER massage July 25, 2020 · Did you know,,,just a simple massage with aromatherapy massage oil works as a helpful healing process where diseases on injury has occurred in muscles,connective tissue,bones or any other part of the body.

Since Pittsburg is temporarily closed, I decided to try this location. Both Super Massages are very clean, professional and super friendly.