To Bed a Beauty

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Nicole Jordan
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The virgin and the rake...The Duke of Arden is whispered to be the most magnificent lover in all of London. He is exactly who innocent Roslyn needs to teach her all about passion.Roslyn has been in love with her neighbour since she was a girl and she's determined to marry him. But knowing that gentlemen lavish passion on their mistresses but seldom their wives, she has resolved to learn all she can from a master before she can catch her intended husband.But while the Duke is happy to tutor her in the art of love, will he also let her go...?Rouge Romance - your first stop for romance books

Of course, being "innocent," she has no idea how to win his heart and cinch their match. Then, in rides the hero.

Some switch to a sexy perfume that their partner also loves, while others spritz on coconut scents that call to mind a tropical vacation. Palazzo Gozzi Bed & Beauty, si trova nello storico quartiere "oltretorrente" di Parma, a pochi passi dal Parco Ducale, la città ambasciatrice della Food Valley nel mondo che è stata proclamata l'unica Città Creativa UNESCO per la gastronomia in Italia. Languages Spoken.