A Darkling Plain

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Philip Reeve
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Agents for peace are bringing an end to the devastating conflict between the roaming Traction Cities and their fanatical enemies while Wren and her father Tom travel the Bird Roads in their airship, trying to forget that Hester has betrayed them. In the ruined wreckage of the city of London they make a discovery that will change the world, while Hester must face an implacable foe with the means and the will to destroy the entire human race.

Abandoned by Hester, Tom and Wren stumble across the wreckage of a vast traction city: London. A Darkling Plain, by Philip Reeve, brings to a conclusion the author's Predator Cities Quartet, and what a conclusion it is. Like the earlier books in the series it is filled with action and adventure, humour, a touch of romance, and some difficult truths about the predilections of mankind. One of Ben Bova's earliest stand alone novels, As on a Darkling Plain, is a fast paced adventure that contains refreshingly little to no fluff.

All this is set on a future earth, ravaged by a Sixty-Minute War which caused massive geological ... A Darkling Plain. A Darkling Plain is the first book of the Mortal Engines Quartet written by Philip Reeve and first published in 2006.