The Silver Sword

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Ian Serraillier, Jane Serraillier
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The classic tale of a journey through war-torn Europe.Alone and fending for themselves in a Poland devastated by World War Two, Jan and his three homeless friends cling to the silver sword as a symbol of hope. As they travel through Europe towards Switzerland, where they believe they will be reunited with their parents, they encounter many hardships and dangers. This extraordinarily moving account of an epic journey gives a remarkable insight into the reality of a Europe laid waste by war.

Re-reading this story after a gap of ovr 50 years, brought a new understanding. As an adult I now bring my own life experiences, but also a better ... The Silver Sword is Kathleen's account of a scribe calle ...more.

They befriend another young boy Jan who happens to know where their father is and together they set off on ... This page is part of IGN's Valheim Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about the Silver Sword including its stats, tier quality and upgrades, and the resources needed in order to... 'We must get away from here . .