Help Your Partner Say 'Yes'

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Andrew G Marshall
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Have you tried asking nicely but nothing has changed? Have you resortedto nagging, sulking or losing your temper but it has just made thingsworse? Has your partner said 'yes' but never quite got round to thatjob? Have you told yourself 'it doesn't matter' but just ended upresenting your partner? If all this sounds familiar, you are ready foran entirely new approach. In this eye-opening book, marital therapist Andrew G Marshall draws ontwenty-five years of counselling couples and the latest research toexplain the Art of Persuading your Partner:- Learn why people find it so hard to change and the levers to get out of a rut.- Discover how to make co-operating the norm rather than a special favour.- Stop demanding and start nudging your partner to change.- Start asking in a clear and effective way.- Discover the rewards that work.- Help your partner say: yes.

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