Children of the Lucky Country?

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Fiona Stanley, Margot Prior, Sue Richardson
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We're all concerned for our children-their health, happiness and development. Yet despite living in a society where we've come to expect increasing economic prosperity and technical advancement, many key indicators of the health, well being and development of our children are not improving, and some are worsening. And with economic growth and increasing wealth, the inequalities between the advantaged and disadvantaged are growing rather than narrowing. What are the issues really involved, and what can we do about them? Children of the Lucky Country? is a book that incisively examines the way we treat our children and sets out the ways that our society can fully realise their potential. It's a book for anyone with an interest in our young-from parents to educators. Children of the Lucky Country? is an informed, timely and stimulating addition to a vital national debate.

BT - Children of the lucky country? How Australia has turned its back on children and why children matter. PB - Pan Macmillan Australia.

Pan Macmillan Australia, Nov 10, 2007 - Family & Relationships - 252 pages ... Australia, a nation known as "The Lucky Country", has an excellent award winning democratic society with a booming economy. It is a land with unique fauna, climate, great golden beaches and natural resources.