The Plot Against America

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Philip Roth
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DISCOVER THE NOVEL BEHIND THE BRILLIANT NEW TV DRAMA 'Though on the morning after the election disbelief prevailed, especially among the pollsters, by the next everybody seemed to understand everything...'When celebrity aviator, Charles A. Lindbergh, wins the 1940 presidential election on the slogan of 'America First', fear invades every Jewish household. Not only has Lindbergh blamed the Jews for pushing America towards war with Germany, he has negotiated an 'understanding' with the Nazis promising peace between the two nations.Growing up in the 'ghetto' of Newark, Philip Roth recounts his childhood caught in the stranglehold of this counterfactual nightmare. As America sinks into its own dark metamorphosis and Jewish families are torn apart, fear and uncertainty spread. Who really is President Lindbergh? And to what end has he hijacked America?

This Article is related to ... "The Plot Against America" is a show that not only believes in national exceptionalism but believes its characters exceptional. Click to expand the Mega Menu Click to Expand Search Input The Plot Against America is a uniformly handsome piece of television, blending production design, cinematography and seamless special effects to build out the world of 1940s New Jersey.

Another frighteningly intense performance. Sunday Telegraph.