Rhiannon's Ride 3

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Kate Forsyth
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The final instalment in Kate Forsyth's thrilling Rhiannon's Ride trilogy. Lord Malvern swore he would have revenge on Lachlan the Winged for the death of his brother and nephew. Now Lachlan is dead and his children have all been stolen away. Lachlan's son Donncan is the new Rìgh of Eileanan, but after his abduction on his wedding night, his wife, Bronwen, daughter of the Ensorcellor, must rule in his stead in a court seething with intrigue, betrayal and suspicion. To rescue Donncan, the Keybearer Isabeau and the Stargazer Cloudshadow must brave the perils of the Heart of Stars and travel back a thousand years in time. If they fail, Donncan will be sacrificed and Brann the Raven, one of the most ruthless sorcerers in the history of Eileanan, will live again. With the ruling MacCuinn clan rent apart, there is no-one to stop Lord Malvern but Rhiannon and her winged mare, Blackthorn. She must try to save the one woman she hates more than anyone - the banprionnsa Olwynne, rival for Rhiannon's true love, Lewen. In her desperate flight to save Olwynne and her twin brother, Owein, Rhiannon risks losing all that she holds dear - Lewen, Blackthorn, her freedom, even her own life . . .

Books online: Rhiannon's Ride 3: The Heart Of Stars, 2015, Fishpond.co.nz 1 Narrandera (3) 1 Hay (1) Search Results; Result Thumbnail Title Author Year Flags Holding Information; 1: Select this title The Heart of stars (Bk 3) [Book] Series: Rhiannon's Ride Volume: 3. Forsyth, Kate: 2007: Shelf Location: F For.

Lachlan's son Donncan is the new Rìgh of Eileanan, but after his ... Rhiannon's Ride 3: The Heart Of Stars - Ebook written by Kate Forsyth. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices.