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Silent and undetectable, the Russian-built Kilo-Class submarine is the only true enemy of the American Carrier Battle Groups -- and it is up for sale. Having ordered ten from Russia, who are in dire need of foreign currency, China primes its first three, ready to take control of the Taiwan Strait. Desperate to safeguard its ally on China's doorstep and stop the arrival of the Kilo-Class subs, America launches itself into a secret war, led by the President's National Security Advisor, Admiral Arnold Morgan. As the battle over peace, power and money is played out in the icy depths of the world's oceans and the hinterland of Russia's rivers and lakes, it becomes clear that there can only be one victor ...

New 1:350 Scale China Navy PLAN Type 092 Xia Class SSBN Submarine ... Stories From Kilo-Class Submarine . Kilo-Class: Why Is This Russian Submarine Called the "Black Hole"? Connect Kilo Class is a taut, page-turning techno-thriller of the highest quality, grounded in fact and ringing with unmistakable authenticity.

Their names are in Sanskrit, but in their Roman-alphabet forms sometimes a final short -a is dropped. The submarine, named Hanoi, is the first of six Kilo-class submarines that Vietnam contracted to buy from Russia during Dung's visit to the country in 2009. According to the contract, the Russian side is also responsible for training sailors and supplying necessary equipment for the submarines. Kilo-Class: Why Is This Russian Submarine Called the "Black Hole"? 1 like • 2 shares.