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Lindsey Davis
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One of the stories from the bestselling historical fiction Falco series. It is the Roman holiday of Saturnalia. The days are short; the nights are for wild parties. A general has captured a famous enemy of Rome, and brings her home to adorn his Triumph as a ritual sacrifice. The logistics go wrong; she acquires a mystery illness - then a young man is horrendously murdered and she escapes from house arrest. Marcus Didius Falco is pitted against his old rival, the Chief Spy Anacrites, in a race to find the fugitive before her presence angers the public and makes the government look stupid. Falco has other priorities, for Helena's brother Justinus has also vanished, perhaps fatefully involved once more with the great lost love of his youth. Against the riotous backdrop of the season of misrule, the search seems impossible and only Falco seems to notice that some dark agency is bringing death to the city streets...

But again, like our Christmas, it was also a festival day (dies festus) on which a public banquet was prepared … The best part of the Saturnalia (for slaves) was the temporary reversal of roles. Clothing was relaxed and included the peaked woollen cap that symbolized the freed slave, which looks an awful lot like Santa Claus's ... Sat-sat-sat-sat-Saturnalia Blinded by blackness We're just empty shells In the deafening void Of our last sunset Blinded by blackness Just empty shells In the deafening void Of our last sunset Submit Corrections.

album: "Heaven Upside Down" (2017) Revelation ... Another word for saturnalia. Find more ways to say saturnalia, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Saturnalia definition: an ancient Roman festival celebrated in December : renowned for its general merrymaking | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Nella "Ghost Room" di Saturnalia 2018, Leeza esporrà la versione demo/RND/work in project di un progetto momentaneamente chiamato "Shadow Self": tentativo speculativo di investigare l'omonimo concetto psicologico, la parte oscura, subconscia e rigettata dell'identità che alberga in ogni essere umano.