Her Own Rules

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Barbara Taylor Bradford
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From the internationally bestselling author ofA Woman of SubstanceA forgotten past hides the key to the future.Meredith Stratton, at forty-four the owner of six elegant international inns, is about to celebrate her daughter's engagement. At this seemingly happy time in her life she begins to suffer from a strange illness that baffles everyone. Her doctor cannot find a physical cause for her debilitating symptoms, and, desperate for answers, she seeks the help of a psychiatrist. Through therapy Meredith peels back the layers of her life to discover the truth behind her most careful creation - herself. Determined to get well, Meredith traces her roots back to another country where she learns about childhood experiences that dramatically changed her life. What she discovers is not only the key to the past but to her future happiness and fulfilment as a woman.Moving from the Connecticut countryside, the busy streets and suites of London, Paris and New York, to the pastoral beauty of a château in the Loire, Her Own Rules is an exciting and suspenseful novel about secrets, survival, redemption and love.

"I stand before you today as an officer of the Constitution, as Speaker of the House of Representatives," said Pelosi on ... ABOUT BY HER OWN RULES. Our Story.

Read 61 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Meredith Stratton worked hard to become a successful businesswoman—an... A Closer Look at Whitmer's Violation of Her Own Rules On multiple occasions, the Michigan governor has explicitly stated that Michigan residents have a responsibility to not behave in ways that will increase the spread of coronavirus. Governor Gretchen Whitmer broke her own COVID-19 rules today by attending Joe Biden's inauguration in Washington D.C.