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Mark Gimenez
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'Scott, it's Rebecca. I need you.' After years of silence, Texan lawyer Scott Fenney receives a devastating phonecall from his ex-wife. She has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, Trey - the man she left Scott for - and is being held in a police cell. Now she is begging Scott to defend her. Scott is used to high-stakes cases, but this one is bigger than anything he has handled before. If Rebecca is found guilty, she will be sentenced to life imprisonment. Her future is in his hands. As he prepares to take the stand in the most dramatic courtroom appearance of his life, Scott is forced to question everything he believes to get to the truth - to save the life of the ex-wife he still loves....

Antonyms for accused. 9 synonyms for accused: the defendant, the defence, the offender, the respondent, the appellant, the litigant, the prisoner at the bar, defendant, respondent.

reproach, upbraid - express criticism towards; "The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior" accuse, charge - blame for, make a claim of wrongdoing or misbehavior against; "he charged the director with indifference" arraign ... Out drinking one night after a fight with her boyfriend, Sarah Tobias (Jodie Foster) is brutally raped by three men in a bar while people watch and cheer. District Attorney Kathryn Murphy (Kelly... As the mystery deepens over accused conwoman Melissa Caddick's whereabouts, the shocking scale of her alleged fraud has been laid bare.