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The shocking, outrageous, highly entertaining biography of one of Australia's most colorful women???dominatrix and courtesan, Gretel Pinniger, aka "Madame Lash"Gretel Pinniger, dominatrix, fetishist, artist, and courtesan to the rich and famous has been shocking and outraging Australia for decades. Never shy of publicity, this daughter of a handsome war hero and philanderer from the Melbourne establishment once wanted to become a nun. Instead, she threw her leather-clad body into a wild world of sex, drugs, and riotous parties. She danced with Elton John, catered to Clyde Packer's more creative sexual fantasies, and knocked around with Sydney underworld boss Lennie McPherson. She also found herself a fabulously wealthy patron, who bequeathed her a generous stipend so long as his name is never disclosed by her. Despite once marrying and becoming a mother, there is nothing ordinary about the outlandish Madame Lash. Join Sam Everingham as he takes you into the most colorful corners of Gretel Pinniger's scandalous life.

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