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David W. Cameron
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Gallipoli: The Final Battles and Evacuation at Anzac provides a detailed account of the final battles at Anzac viewed from both sides of the trenches. This is the first book since Charles Bean's Official History to provide a detailed narrative of the bloody and tragic battle for Hill 60, along with the ongoing tunnelling war which raged until the final days of the campaign.Camerons meticulous research and use of firsthand accounts including letters, diaries and interviews, many previously unpublished, enableshim to convey the confusion of battle while also telling an absorbing story with powerful emotional impact.

The film revolves around several young men from Western Australia who enlist in the Australian Army during the First World War. The Gallipoli Campaign began as an ambitious naval strategy devised by Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty, to force the Ottoman Empire out of the Great War. WWI Gallipoli The ANZAC forces, under the command of Lieutenant General William Birdwood, had been based in Egypt due to of a lack of training and accommodation facilities in England. Later, these forces helped protect the Suez Canal following Turkey's entry into war in October 1914. Gallipoli April - December 1915 The Allied forces hoped to weaken Germany's war efforts by securing victory against the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

This would expose the Ottoman capital at Constantinople to ... Gallipoli Campaign, also called Dardanelles Campaign, (February 1915-January 1916), in World War I, an Anglo-French operation against Turkey, intended to force the 38-mile- (61-km-) long Dardanelles channel and to occupy Constantinople. The story of a group of young Australian men who leave their various backgrounds behind and sign up to join the ANZACs in World War I. They are sent to Gallipoli, where they encounter the resolute Turkish army.