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Troy Denning
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New York Times best-selling author Troy Denning pens the 2nd novel in the Empires Trilogy, a saga set in the land of Kara-Tur within the Forgotten Realms.The barbarbarian horde has breached the ancient Dragonwall and now threatens the oriental land of Shou Lung. Powerful as they are, the Shou army’s only hope lies with Batu Min Ho, a young general who is himself a third generation descendant of Tuigan barbarians. But Batu’s wife must fight her own battle in the treacherous political terrain of the imperial court, as a psy attempts to undermine the empreror’s confidence in her husband. And if Batu is to retain his command and save Shou Lung, it is a battle she must not lose.

Batu often finds himself torn between following bad orders from his superiors and the penalties for disobeying, which leads him to come up with creative solutions under fire. Booktopia has Talon the Black, Dragonwall by Melissa Mitchell. Buy a discounted Paperback of Talon the Black online from Australia's leading online bookstore. One of the most prominent mountains of the Mondsee area is waiting to be conquered! Start at the restaurant "Drachenwand" and reach the Thekla chapel after about 15 minutes.

Product Information. The barbarian horsemen have breached the Dragonwall and w threaten the oriental land of Shou Lung, whose armies seem to be match for the horde.