Dreams of Fire

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Zenina Masters
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Xia has been running from dreams of fire her entire adult life. She warns, threatens and begs, but no one will listen when she tells them she knows when and where the fire will strike. Across twelve worlds she has been chased by the nightmares, and now she finally has met the one man she has been looking for all her life, the man who will use her knowledge to stop the flames from destroying lives.Drov is an Asku of the Velu family, and he is a posted base commander on a world beset by fires. When he was scanning the passenger files of an incoming ship, he found a woman he wanted without knowing she existed. Xia will tell him where the fire is, and in return, he offers her a home, a world and so much more.

It is a means of expressing our desires for all of us. Dreams are a way of communicating thoughts and ideas. In dreams, fire is often symbolic of cleansing and renewal.

For example, to ... Biblical Dreams About Fire Are Common. The Bible offers many stories and observations about fires in the Old and New Testaments.