Making Homemade Wine

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Robert Cluett
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Want to impress your friends? Serve up some outstanding wine with dinner--and then tell them it's homemade! In Making Homemade Wine, author Robert Cluett takes the mystery out of winemaking. Using his simple nine-step process, you'll learn how to make superb-tasting wines right in your own home. Whether you want to make a common or unusual wine--from everything from grapes to elderberries to parsnips--you'll find the recipes and know-how here. There's even a universal wine formula that allows you to create your own unique recipes! And if your wine doesn't turn out as you expected, never fear--you can read up on Cluett's tips for preventing and fixing the most common problems home winemakers encounter.

Luckily, most of it is inexpensive and easy to procure at your local kitchen supply store: 2 gallon (7.6 L) crock or glass jar, sealable A solution called must —comprised of water, sugar, fruit juice, and fruit pulp—is created in a clean container before introducing wine yeast to the must. Wine yeast is not the same as the baker's yeast used in baked goods.

It's really that simple—the natural oxidation process will do all of the work. The only issue you may encounter is fruit flies.