My Story Can Beat Up Your Story

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Jeffrey Schechter
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My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! is the same powerful, easytolearn system that industry insiders have used to generate millions of dollars in script sales and assignments.

Humor & Entertainment Kindle eBooks @ In my last novel update, I mentioned the book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story and how it's been useful to me as a writing guide. Something I should've clarified in my novel update is that this book is really about story structure on a basic level.

It's meant for screenwriters, but novelists will benefit from it as well. Schechter shares ten lessons about screenwriting, with the emphasis on what works, rather than just a list of no-no's. By interactively reading My Story Can Beat Up Your Story and seriously analyzing your own story idea, you'll learn Schechter's reproducible 44 plot-point system and put it into action as you strategize how to most effectively populate your own story and build each beat, scene, and act into an ultimately satisfying story and, ideally, a marketable and producible script. My Story Can Beat Up Your Story: Ten Ways to Toughen Up Your Screenplay from Opening Hook to Knockout Punch - Kindle edition by Schechter, Jeffrey.