The Hidden Life of Otto Frank

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Carol Ann Lee
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Otto Frank was the father of the most famous girl of the 20th Century. It was he who found her diaries after her death and his determination to see them published around the world. This is the first time his story has been told. Born into a prosperous Jewish family in Berlin, his life was a portrait in miniature of the century: decorated after the Battle of the Somme, forced to flee Germany in the 1930s, betrayed and imprisoned by the Nazis in the Holocaust and finally gaining recognition bybearing witness to the century's horrors though the writings of his young daughter. Carol Ann Lee has written a powerful biography of an extraordinary man's life caught up in history.

She is also the author of The Hidden Life of Otto Frank and three books for children, Anne Frank's Story, A Friend Called Anne, and Anne Frank and the Children of the Holocaust. She lives in Yorkshire, England. Otto Heinrich Frank, born on May 12, 1889, and his brothers, Robert (1886) and Herbert (1891), and sister, Helene (1893), studied several languages during their childhood and youth, but Hebrew was not one of them.

Don't let the somewhat salacious title fool you. There's no Mr.