City of the Dead

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S. D. Perry
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BRING ON THE NIGHT Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop on a new assignment, and Claire Redfield, sister of the still-missing S.T.A.R.S. member Chris, arrive at Raccoon City to discover a necropolis. A botched attempt by the Umbrella Corporation to retrieve a devastating mutagenic weapon has resulted in a horrifying viral outbreak, transforming the city's population into the living dead. And all of them are hungry. AN ORIGINAL NOVEL BASED ON THE BESTSELLING RESIDENT EVIL VIDEOGAME SERIES

Denver's premier Haunted House! You may visit the City of the Dead, but will you survive long enough to... Welcome to the city of the dead… When Hoole, Tash, and Zak stop on Necropolis to look for a new starship, Zak immediately makes friends with the local kids. And he's willing to pull a crazy stunt—like going into the Necropolitan cemetery at midnight—just to prove he's as tough as they are. Just outside the remote Russian village of Dargavs lies a medieval necropolis fittingly called the "City of the Dead".

And so they settled and set up ... The City of the Dead ¶ Move through the first room and through the door at the far end. Kill the scarabs in here if you like.