Tom Clancy's Commander-in-Chief

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Mark Greaney
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READ THE BOOKS THAT INSPIRED THE THRILLING AMAZON PRIME SERIES JACK RYAN When the great bear growls . . . Russia is hurting. It's economy is tanking and its 'adventures' abroad have proved costly. President Volodin knows that his own survival depends on restoring Russian pride. . . . the world trembles When a series of explosions, assassinations and attacks rock the global order, only one man in the West recognises the true cause of the chaos: American President Jack Ryan. With Russian troops massing on Europe's borders, President Ryan cannot use military might without escalating conflict and playing into Volodin's hands. Instead he turns to his covert intelligence agencies. They must uncover, infiltrate and neutralize each and every threat. But time is running out. And this war is about to go global . . . Praise for Tom Clancy: 'A virtuoso display of page-turning talent' Sunday Express 'A brilliantly constructed thriller that packs a punch' Daily Mail

President Valeri Volodin of Russia is at a crossroads. The Russian economy is on the rocks, the energy prices are disastrously falling and the oligarchs supporting him expect a consistent flow of political favors.

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