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Abby Franquemont
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Portable and productive, the hand spindle has been responsible for creating the world's yarn for millennia. In Respect the Spindle, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont teaches spinners old and new how to create incredible yarn with this amazing, yet simple tool.Many contemporary spinners view the hand spindle as a beginner's tool, suited to learn the basic steps of spinning before moving on to a spinning wheel. In Respect the Spindle, Abby emphasizes the spindle's importance and its use in making yarn in advanced ways for high-end to novelty cloth.The perfect how-to book for any spinner with a growing collection of spindles or even just a dowel, Respect the Spindle includes: Step-by-step photography with detailed illustrations, making the spindle spinning techniques clear to even the novice spinner.Techniques from the basics, such as getting started on the spindle, to more specialized techniques, such as using the spindle to make specific kinds of yarn faster than imagined. Profiles of spindle spinners from various traditions are presented in sidebars throughout the book, which introduce heartwarming and historical fiber stories from around the world.Five simple projects give spinners practice in creating a variety of yarns and patterns. And more!

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Are you the Author or Publisher of a book? Or ... Franquemont covers all types of spindles, why they behave the way they do and how to ply. The text is written in an easy manner and the photographs which accompany the instructions are clear.