The Perrin Technique

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Raymond Perrin
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After many years of careful study combined with practical hands-on experience with hundreds of patients, Dr Raymond Perrin has arrived at the firm conclusion that CSF/ME is a structural disorder with definite diagnosable clinical signs. He has developed the Perrin Technique to stimulate lymphatic drainage from the brain and spinal cord and restore the health of the sympathetic nervous system - the secret of setting you on the path to recovery. In his ground-breaking book you discover: the importance of body structure and posture in developing CFS/ME; the stages leading to CFS/ME; the physical signs of CFS/ME; how osteopathy can help; the stages of treatment; exercises and self-massage routines

It leads to a reduction of sympathetic overdrive and enables an autonomic balance ... The perrin technique is NOT different than what therapists have been doing for years. LYMPATHIC DRAINAGE IS VERY important to anyone with CFS because it helps remove toxins which we all have.

Search for any therapist in your area who does this massage. I have seen Dr perrin on and off for 2/12 years.