A Handful of Flour

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Tess Lister
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Ask any baker, artisan, professional or even amateur, where they get their flour from and the answer is always 'Shipton Mill'. Set in a beautiful Cotswold valley near Tetbury, the mill in Shipton Moyne Wood has been producing flour since the time of the Domesday Book. Restored by John Lister in the 1980s, Shipton Mill now produces organic, stoneground flour carefully sourced and sustainably made.Stoneground flour is a simple, traditional process where all the organic goodness of wholemeal flour is retained. And long before it became fashionable, John has always advocated using only flour, water, salt and time to make bread. The flour produced at the Mill has a reputation for flavour and texture that has earned it many supporters among professional and amateur bakers as well as chefs and producers.It's no surprise therefore that Shipton has become renowned for its expert knowledge and excellence, and its many friends and customers have long been asking them for a book. A Handful of Flour is their first cookbook and will become a timeless classic. More than just a baking or bread book, it will take you through the properties of flour from white to wholemeal, strong bread flour, French white flours and '00' Italian flour, showing you how to choose the best flour for classic recipes as well as introducing you to recipes that showcase speciality flours such as Swiss dark flour, spelt, buckwheat and rye and ancient Emmer and Khorasan. And for those who are gluten intolerant, there are recipes that show you how to make the most of rice flour, almond flour, chestnut and coconut flour.There are recipes for bread and bakes, pizza dough and scones, but also for pancakes and waffles, tarts and pies, breaded fishcakes, arancini, bruschetta and panzanella, all featuring the home-grown produce from their walled garden.Whether you simply want exciting recipes that explore the full range of flours available to us or to understand how best to employ them in your baking, this book will become as enduring as the Mill itself.

ISBN-10. 1472233379 ... Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell Handful of Flour "The bowl of flour was not exhausted nor did the jar of oil become empty…." 1 Kings 17:16(AMP) God has this seemingly unorthodox way of answering my prayers when I pray for provision.

Product Information. A stunning recipe book from Shipton Mill - the renowned flour millers.