Motherhood and Creativity

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Edited by Rachel Power
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Do women still confront the attitude that they have to choose between following their creative dreams and having children? In Motherhood & Creativity, some of Australia’s most respected actors, writers, artists and musicians speak frankly about the wrench between motherhood and their creative lives.In these compelling, honest and insightful interviews, 22 women open up about the various challenges and pleasures they’ve faced when combining motherhood with an undiminished passion for their creative work.Includes interviews with: • Claudia Karvan (actor) • Cate Kennedy (writer) • Holly Throsby (singer-songwriter) • Del Kathryn Barton (artist) • Clare Bowditch (singer) • Rachel Griffiths (actor)

Curated ... But rather than kneecap my creative impulses, the strange fug of early motherhood seemed to pave the way for them. In an article that appeared in The Cut in 2016, writer Kim Brooks recalls asking a girlfriend why, exactly, creativity seems to be in direct conflict with parenting. Noralba Gomez: Creativity lives within you, but when you become a parent it resurfaces with an unsuspected force.In my case, when I became a mother, I wanted to be the best and give my all to this little person who depended on me.

Mothers find creative ways to get their 5-year-olds to brush their teeth and pick up their ... Motherhood is a breeding ground for creativity. It forces you to look at the same things differently.