Tom Clancy's Power and Empire

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Marc Cameron
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DISCOVER THE EXPLOSIVE THRILLER IN THE BESTSELLING JACK RYAN SERIES A NOOSE IS TIGHTENING AROUND PRESIDENT JACK RYAN'S AMERICA . . . ______ A container ship from Shanghai explodes on its approach to Seattle. A US spy vessel in the South China Sea tangles with the Chinese navy. A stolen USB stick recovered in Texas exposes a terrorist conspiracy. ______ As America is outmaneuvered by an increasingly bold President Zhou of China, Jack Ryan depends on the operatives of the Campus secret intelligence agency to plug the gaps between diplomacy and negotiation. But as an international summit approaches, Ryan must face Zhou alone. What he doesn't know is that the secret mastermind plotting conspiracy and destruction has had the leader of the free world in his sights all along . . . Praise for Tom Clancy: 'He constantly taps the current world situation for its imminent dangers and spins them into an engrossing tale' New York Times 'Heart-stopping action . . . entertaining and eminently topical' Washington Post 'Exhilarating. No other novelist is giving so full a picture of modern conflict'Sunday Times 'A brilliantly constructed thriller that packs a punch like Semtex' Daily Mail 'A virtuoso display of page-turning talent' Sunday Express

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Format: Paperback Book. Release Date: 17 Sep 2018.