The Kundalini Reiki Manual

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Lisa Okochi
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Have you been feeling increasingly 'off balanced' ,lost or confused as to what you are looking for or really want in this life? Have you been aware of this sense of urgency in the air ' to DO' something but feel stuck? Kundalini Reiki can ground you again to focus on balancing your Inner Wisdom to your Life's PurposeKundalini Reiki is NOT the same as Tradiontanl Usui Reiki but is more purer and Powerful'This is a guide for Attuners and Clients to prepare for attunements to Higher Frequencies . Awaken your Kundalini, quickly and safely Open your Third Eye and Heart Attune Family, pets, plants, food, water and more Powerful mini meditations to help heal stress, fear, anger, anxiety Adjust your energy to Higher Frequencies Attunement steps for Gold and Ethereal Crystal Reiki Use Ethereal crystals to clear chakra blockages ; make Gem elixirsONLY Kundalini Reiki Healers can Attune.

Lighten the Load Reiki Manual Click Me to Download. Mahatma Ascension Reiki Click Me to Download Kundalini Reiki level 1: During your Kundalini Reiki level 1 attunement, all of the blockages in your chakrasare potentially removed, except for the Base Chakra.

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