Outback Midwives - 3 Book Box Set

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Fiona McArthur
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The Midwife And The MillionaireSophie Sullivan – everyone's favourite midwife. Beautiful, fun–loving and calm in a crisis. She loves babies and hates – smooth–talking playboys who break hearts.Levi Pearson – Sydney's most eligible bachelor! A touch of arrogance and a devilish smile make him irresistible! He loves his work and hates his privacy being invaded.A helicopter has gone down over the arid landscape of the Kimberleys, Western Australia, with Levi and Sophie aboard. Now, they are forced to rely on each other to survive. But isn't it often said that opposites attract?Harry St Claire: Rogue Or Doctor?The secrets behind his smile Harry St Clair does a good job persuading people that the devil–may–care rogue is the real him, but midwife Bonnie McKenzie isn't fooled for a second! The real Harry St Clair is one of the best doctors in the southern hemisphere. The real Harry St Clair is buried under the weight of his devastating secrets – a weight he no longer has to carry alone...The Doctor's Surprise BrideEliza has been a magnet for the broken hearts of others, who ultimately end up breaking her own. When handsome but emotionally wounded Dr Jack Dancer enters her life, she won't allow herself to act on their growing attraction. But one night when Jack makes love to her, she knows she is lost and is devastated by his coolness the next day.She knows that to stop her heart being broken again she must leave. It's only then that Jack finally realises he's got to tell Eliza how much he loves her, and he recruits the entire village to help persuade her to become his bride!

She then spent 5 years working in a ... Outback Midwives - 3 Book Box Set Fiona McArthur. 4.2 out of 5 stars 9.

Kindle Edition. $9.99 Midwife In The Jungle: Dating The Jungle Doc.