Amnesia Moon

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Jonathan Lethem
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Jonathan Lethem, acclaimed author of The Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn, here takes the reader on a road trip through a post-apocalyptic USA.Sincethe war came and the bombs fell, Hatfork, Wyoming, has been abroken-down, mutant-ridden town. Young Chaos lives in the projectionbooth of the abandoned multiplex cinema, trying to blot out his present,but unable to remember his past. Then, over a can of dog food, thelocal tyrant Kellogg reveals to Chaos that those bombs never actuallyfell. The truth, in fact, is a little more complicated . . .SoChaos gets behind the wheel of an automobile and, accompanied by afur-covered mutant female, sets out onto the empty highway for a journeyto the edge of his American nightmare: in search of a missing identityand a stolen love.

The hero, alternately named Everett Moon or Chaos, wanders through these places, journeying from one surreal ... 'Amnesia Moon' is really a seriously wanna-be-Philip-K.-Dick book. If you really like Dick and his trippy perspectives on things, you might love this book.

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