Ringleaders and Sidekicks

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Rosalind Wiseman
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When Rosalind Wiseman published her bestseller Queen Bees and Wannabes in 2001, it fundamentally changed the way that parents, educators and the media looked at the impact of girls' social dynamics and created a road map for girls to develop better relationships and higher self-esteem.Now Rosalind turns her attention to the tricky terrain of Boy World. Drawing on 20 years of work with boys and her own experience as a mother of two sons, Rosalind will help parents understand their tween and teenage sons better. The book will cover such timely issues as video games, online identities and social networking sites. This is an essential manual that will help any parent build a stronger, more meaningful relationship with their son.

Publisher: Hachette UK. ISBN: 9781405516051.

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