Why Smart People Hurt

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Eric Maisel
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Make Your Gifted Life MeaningfulOvercome your unique challenges. The challenges smart and creative people encounter-from scientific researchers and genius award winners to bestselling novelists, Broadway actors, high-powered attorneys, and academics-often include anxiety, overthinking, mania, sadness, and despair. In Why Smart People Hurt, natural psychology specialist and creativity coach Dr. Eric Maisel draws on his many years of work with the best and the brightest to pinpoint these often devastating challenges and offer solutions based on the groundbreaking principles and practices of natural psychology.Find meaningful success. Do you understand what meaning is, what it isn't, and how to create it? Do you know how to organize your day around meaning investments and meaning opportunities? Are you still searching for meaning after all these years? Many smart people struggle with reaching for or maintaining success because, after all of the work they put into attaining it, it still seems meaningless. In Why Smart people Hurt, Dr. Maisel will teach you how to stop searching for meaning and create it for yourself.Learn from a truly thought-provoking personal growth book. In Why Smart People Hurt, you will find:Evidence that you are not alone in your struggles with living in a world that wasn't built for you or your intelligenceLogic- and creativity-based strategies to cope with having a brain that goes into overdrive at the drop of a hatQuestions that will help you create your own personal roadmap to a calm and meaningful lifeReaders of true, natural self-help books for gifted people struggling with life, anxiety, and depression, like Living With Intensity, Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults, and Your Rainforest Mind, will learn how to create meaning in their lives with Why Smart People Hurt by Dr. Eric Maisel.

Eric Maisel delineates a number of both external and internal influences on high ability people, providing information about these often subtle influences, and giving suggestions to enhance self-understanding and emotional health to help people more fully use their capabilities, making their lives more creative and fulfilled, to the benefit of others as well as themselves. Smart people can find it hard to make decisions because they like to analyse information and come up with the best possible solution. However, in today's complex world, a 'best' solution is not always possible.

He has worked with children in both individual and family therapy ... Why Smart People Hurt: A Guide for the Bright, the Sensitive, and the Creative Eric Maisel The challenges smart and creative people encounter—from scientific researchers, genius award winners, to bestselling novelists, Broadway actors, high-powered attorneys, and academics— often include anxiety, over-thinking, mania, sadness, and despair. [UJGD]⋙ Why Smart People Hurt: A Guide for the ... DOWNLOAD or READ Why Smart People Hurt: A Guide for the Bright, the Sensitive, and the Creative (2013) in PDF, EPUB formats.