The Way of the Labyrinth

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Helen Curry
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The first time Helen Curry walked a labyrinth she was moved to tears and then "was filled with peace and possibilities." Here, she shares her years of experience with labyrinth meditation and shows how others can find serenity and guidance by adopting this increasingly popular practice. Unlike mazes, which force choices and can create fear and confusion, labyrinths are designed to "embrace" and guide individuals through a calming, meditative walk on a single circular path. The Way of the Labyrinth includes meditations, prayers, questions for enhancing labyrinth walks, guidelines for ceremonies, instructions for finger meditations, and extensive resources. This enchanting, practical, and exquisitely packaged guide helps both novice and experienced readers enjoy the benefits of labyrinth meditation, from problem-solving to stress reduction to personal transformation. Includes a foreword by Jean Houston, the renowned author and leader in the field of humanistic psychology, who is considered the grandmother of the current labyrinth revival.

There are suggested prayers and ... Her book winds its way through the history of mazes - her favourite is the library-labyrinth in Umberto Eco's novel The Name of the Rose (1980) - but it also suggests that life has a weird ... New Journey Lutherans & United Methodists: The Way of the Labyrinth. During this Lenten season, "The Way of the Labyrinth" is being hosted by The Fountains, a United Methodist Church and New Journey ELCA Lutheran Church on Saturday, April 16, from 9am to noon.

Currently, we have just directions for the Masking Tape Chartres Labyrinth. In the future, we will be adding Baltic ... On the way to fulfill his mission, he met King Minos's daughter, Ariadne, who fell in love with him and promised to help him find his way back out of the labyrinth if he would marry her and take her back to Athens with him.