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Anna Gare
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By the time she was a teen, Anna Gare could magic up a meal with a few ingredients and the most basic of equipment. And as a TV host, kitchenware designer, caterer and mother, Anna is now cooking meals that satisfy festival crowds, big families ... even royalty. For her, food is here to put smiles on faces and help us celebrate life - if it happens to be healthy, even better! Delicious Every Day is a collection of Anna's most relied-upon recipes, collected over decades. Most recipes are gluten-free, because that's the way Anna eats at home. There are drama-free midweek meals to satisfy fussy eaters and show-stopping salads to share. The chapter of one-pot wonders is tailor-made for nights you just can't face a sink full of dishes. There are even TWO dessert chapters: one heavenly and virtuous; the other unapologetically sinful. The one thing these dishes have in common is that they've been cooked again and again because they deliver on taste, flavour and - in most cases - health. Bring some drama-free deliciousness to your everyday.

To add to the list, Anna has now released her fabulous 'mostly healthy, always tasty ... Fast and delicious is the theme! Salads and minimal-cook meals. These tacos topped with haloumi, mango and cucumber avocado salsa are a great quick meal.

Chickpeas are a great source of protein, and Ragini points out that with 60 per cent of India being vegetarian, chickpeas are a big part of Indian cooking. Delicious Every Day. Mostly healthy, always tasty.