28 Summers

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Elin Hilderbrand
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Their secret love affair has lasted for decades - but will it last one more summer?For the last twenty-eight summers, Alice and Tom have met to rekindle the passionate love affair they began all those years ago. Each married to someone else, with busy lives and happy families, they've managed to keep their secret, and to keep their love alive.But nothing is forever. Tom's wife is in the national spotlight for her controversial and increasingly popular campaign for political office, and Alice has received a diagnosis that puts her future in doubt. Could their twenty-eighth summer together also be their last?Praise for SUMMER OF '69:'Superb . . . Hilderbrand hits all the right notes about lifein a tightly knit family, and this crowd-pleaser is sure to satisfy both herfans and newcomers alike.' - Publishers Weekly'Hilderbrand's first foray into historical fiction will rousecuriosity in new readers as well as devotees of her annual summersmashes.' - Susan Maguire, Booklist'Hilderbrand's characters are utterly convincing andimmediately draw us into their problems, from petty to grave . . . To use theparlance of the period, a highly relevant retrospective.' - Kirkus